Tata Steel’s main areas of raw material operations are iron-ore, chromite and coal. With a firm belief in sustainable mining for over a century, the Company endeavours to have greater control over raw material resources and achieve its security across global operations.
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Location: In Jharkhand, 5 km away from Dhanbad

The Jharia Division’s main product is Metallurgical Coking Coal. It is a captive unit of Tata Steel and comprises two groups of collieries –

  • The Sijua Group (consisting of Bhelatand Amalgamated colliery, Sijua colliery and Bhelatand Washery)

  • The Jamadoba Group (consisting of Jamadoba, 6&7 Pits, Digwadih collieries and Jamadoba Washery, a 10 MW Power Plant and a Central Workshop).

Existing Facilities:

  • Well-appointed townships with all kinds of civic amenities.

  • Tata DAV schools at both the groups in addition to primary schools. Scholarships are given to meritorious students. The Division also supports local schools with infrastructure and equipment.

  • Recreational facilities like clubs, community centres and open-air theatres.

  • The Tata Collieries Sports Association maintains and manages one of the best cricket grounds at Digwadih. It also conducts state and national level sports meets as well as local events.