As the first true industrial city in India, Jamshedpur has set benchmarks for many others that have come up thereafter. It has been conferred the ISO Certification for its civic and municipal services and rated as the second best city in the Country as per the survey conducted by ORG Marg Nielsen on quality of life index.
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Sports appeals to the collective identity of a Nation and can provide role models to its people. Jamshedpur is undoubtedly the sports capital of Jharkhand and it has reserved this reputation for a long time by playing a key role in promoting sports activities. Jamshedpur is also seen as a training hub for sportspersons and has the needed infrastructure to help them excel at national and international sporting events. Tata Steel is the only Indian Company to invest in world-class facilities, create academies and to maintain and manage international level arenas. So if you are keen in sports, you will never run short of options in Jamshedpur.