As the first true industrial city in India, Jamshedpur has set benchmarks for many others that have come up thereafter. It has been conferred the ISO Certification for its civic and municipal services and rated as the second best city in the Country as per the survey conducted by ORG Marg Nielsen on quality of life index.
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According to the Founder JN Tata's Vision, "Society is not just another stakeholder in its business, but the prime purpose of it."

Following the same Vision, the Company has developed a focused approach through the creation of a brand called Pragati, which encompasses all the CSR activities of Tata Steel. In keeping with the 100 years tradition of serving society, Pragati was developed to serve the long-term perspective of CSR communication.

Today, Tata Steel’s CSR activities encompass the Company’s Steel Works, Iron ore mines and collieries, reaching out to the city of Jamshedpur, its peri-urban areas and over 800 villages in the states of Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. With the objective of improving the socio- economic status of the communities, the Company has undertaken a number of initiatives in the areas of sustainable livelihood, health and sanitation, education, environment, affirmative action, HIV / AIDS awareness and many others.

The Company works in partnership with the Government, national and international development organisations, local NGOs and the community to ensure sustainable development. The Corporate Sustainability Services Division delivers these responsibilities through its institutionalised divisions that consist of:

  • The Tata Steel Rural Development Society (for rural communities in and around its operational areas of Jamshedpur, mines & collieries)

  • Tribal Cultural Society (working with the tribal communities)

  • Tata Steel Family Initiatives Foundation (working in urban and peri-urban areas of Jamshedpur with family welfare activities and HIV/AIDS)

  • Urban services (working in the urban slums of Jamshedpur)